My Coffee Said: The Relaxation Coffee

“I thought the point of having a day off is that you take the day off Aya! You don’t always have to carry the weight of other people’s problems on your shoulders. You are allowed to carry yourself even before you start carrying anyone else. You owe it to yourself to take care of it….

My Coffee Said: What’s that?

What is My Coffee Said? A lot of us drink coffee or its countless variations for reasons relating to each one of us. While enjoying your usual cup of joe, have you ever stopped and found yourself in one of these instances? Your creative conscience got flooded with new ideas? Came up with the solution…

My life-support system

I realize that we change day after day, even if we don’t notice it until it’s too late. We don’t see things like we used to, we don’t enjoy the same things we used to enjoy and we don’t love the same things we once loved. It’s as if you’ve become a blurred version of…

Nobody Knows!

“She always believed people only see what they wanted to see, and it’s that thought that invaded her mind as she went through her friend’s words in her mind. Those around her saw only her quietness, her seemingly calm beauty, her polite chatter, a smile that gave the impression of an embarrassed child, her wise…

Do You Accept Change?

“It’s hard to accept change, specially that of those around us. We mostly see and accept our own changes but expect everyone else to stay the same. Just so you know, the people you can’t accept their new selves, probably have the same problem accepting your new self as well.” -A

Every Year Is Good!

Right until the start of 2013 I used to mark every year by its memories or major events. Without getting into the political war that’s been ripping my country apart, after finishing college it became harder to mark the events of each year. I can look at pictures all I want, relive the moment or…

Knowing yourself?

I was looking back on 2013 when I came across this! I guess it’s good to put yourself in its right place, not underestimating it nor pushing it towards self-obsession? But don’t we all have moments when we’d give anything to be mean for even a second and still we hold back? -A