hello :)

I think life is about how you see it, it can’t be good all the time and always has more in-store for everyone of us. It’s about your choice how to see it, and I’ve tried many attitudes towards life and found the belief that ‘Today is a brand new day that doesn’t have to be a copy of yesterday’ the best way to go by it!
I try to urge others to live each day and know that there always is something good in each one. Even if you had one of the toughest days ever, getting through that day is definitely something worth appreciating yourself for it!

I like to look inside the human persona, sometimes I listen to people around me and analyze their features, actions, reactions and speech. People’s characters are fascinating to me and I love writing about them just as I love writing my own experiences.

Thank You, as well, to everyone who stopped by my page, hopefully you found it enjoyable and useful!

Aya, aka The Brainy Apple  🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. thenadlog says:

    I like your attitude towards life, I’ve been trying to keep it that way too! Sometimes, it’s hard though. Have a great day.

    1. AyaRadwan says:

      Yeah, it’s hard but it’s totally worth it, don’t you think? =)
      Have a great day yourself and thank you for stopping by dear =)

      1. thenadlog says:

        Yes, completely worth it! (:

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