My Coffee Said: What’s that?


What is My Coffee Said?
A lot of us drink coffee or its countless variations for reasons relating to each one of us. While enjoying your usual cup of joe, have you ever stopped and found yourself in one of these instances?
Your creative conscience got flooded with new ideas?
Came up with the solution to a problem that proved to be insolvable?
You feel that your emotional strength and the ability to tolerate others, not only your physical strength, has levelled up?
You find that your creativity is increasing, you could write poetry if you tried?
You take a step back to look into something that annoyed you, so you think some more about it, suddenly you find yourself going like “It’ll all pass, I shouldn’t dwell on it and it’ll go away!”
Loving life and the desire to enjoy it peaks and you feel as if you could hug the world?
At times you drift into a new world entirely, where there’s only you, your beloved coffee and your favorite music?
Have you gotten to the extent that you talk to yourself while enjoying your coffee pondering about stuff? “Yes, that would go! Nope, that’s horried! Or wait neither would do!”?
Out of a sudden you stare at a random spot in the street, oblivious to everything around you and a smile creeps up your face. People start smiling at you because they think you’re smiling at them?
If you’ve been through any of these and so much more, then I have to tell you that Your Coffee Speaks To You!
In this series, I will share with you what My Coffee says to me, in different circumstances, different places and incidents!
P.S. My Coffee talks once it sets eyes on me, no need to start galloping it to share with me its undivided wisdom.
So get ready for some weirdness, coming up your way!


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