They say it doesn’t matter how much you’ve seen in your life so far, there’s still much more to come. Through everything I’ve seen so far though, in my years of not merely living but interacting with the world and people around me, I can talk expressly about one thing.

Duplicity! Some might it call it the faces of a character, how each person you meet doesn’t just have one face or mask. In fact, everyone has multiple masks and the one they wear in front of you is probably one of many. Though this thought has become acceptable in our society that no one cares about it anymore, they might complain about it tirelessly but they’ve accepted it either ways.

The duplicity I mean is between you and yourself. Yes, it’s something that close to you, you might not even notice it. I’m out with a friend talking about our hopes and dreams, what situations we’ve been through, what we’ve learned and we start to form an idea about each other. This idea is emphasized by dealing with each other though life. Are we going to still be the same friends? Are our ideas about each other going to stay the same?

A bit by bit you start to pick up on stuff they do or say, stuff that are a complete contradiction of not only your idea of them but also to what they say about themselves. You find an excuse for them even when these situations should’ve been an alarm. They keep coming at you, the thing is they’re all little situations that can easily go unnoticed but when you do notice them, they become hard to ignore.

And then BAM! Something huge happens and you can’t contain it, your mind starts to go back to all the little things you ignored and know you shouldn’t have ignored them. What comes more shocking is that they have no idea of what they’d done. They don’t see anything wrong and even when you try and talk to them, they don’t accept it. It happens a lot nowadays, when your heart doesn’t feel your friend is true to you anymore. Yes, you still have things in common but the fact they can’t just own up to what they did and try to understand, pushes you away all the time!

I believe we are most true when we are alone by ourselves, when we confess to our faults or not, whether we own up to them or not, that is only for us to know!


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