Though the word seems to say everything about itself, there seems to be hidden meanings to it every time I look around. We’re all known to perform better under them, they seem to put us in standby mode for everything and anything, adrenaline spikes up to its most possible level preparing us for the surprises that lay ahead. Some can keep matters under wraps and seem all cool and have everything under control while others seem as if they were stuck on the highest top in the world with the fear of heights! They are called Deadlines!

Having something that is pushing you to get things done always pushes you to reach your limit. That is understandable, it’s even exciting when you supposedly love what you’re doing and the deadline is keeping you on the top of the game. In a way, we can say deadlines can be cool, in a strange, twisted kind of way!

But what if you’re a stress junkie? Like you literally can’t work well unless you’re under stress. When your boss is annoying and keeps asking you to finish this or that, then you are working perfectly, stressing-out about things but you’re doing your job. You even try to benefit from the time you have left in your day to compensate for the grueling work.

On the other hand, when your boss is not trying to put you through hell, merely asking you to finish your work and trusts your sense of duty. You seem to slack, trust me, having a bad boss can make you do more work while a good one can make you relax and possibly put some work aside if they don’t mind.

What if you’re addicted to this feeling of stress? Like having life being nice to you, even if there are some matters that aren’t well, but you’re relaxed and there’s no one pushing you around, you don’t seem motivated to do anything.

Could it be that your self-motivation system is not as solid as you thought? You fell into a rut and in dire need to change how you motivate yourself? Does a train have to be on your heels to get you to finish your mundane tasks?

Stress, what have you done to us?!


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