Broken Words

“The most famous rule of the universe is supply and demand, “asking” and “taking” so to say. While this perfectly works with material stuff, this rule does not abide by rules of the soul or those of the heart. Supply and demand mainly state that when there’s demand on something in the market, the providers thereby try to supply it. The demanded material gets its value not from the need to feel to acquire it, rather from the amount of money used to obtain it.

When you “demand” someone’s attention on the other hand, “supply” might not always be satisfactory. Because then you would be paying for this attention with your feelings and well-being. The value of matters such as love, devotion, attention, care etc etc…. is so high that there’s no suitable price for them more than a piece of your soul.

The shattering of your heart when you beg someone’s attention is the price you had to pay for begging. The shrinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you are treated by those you love as ordinarily as anyone else is the result of the pressure you put upon those who needn’t you in their lives. When someone says they won’t leave your side but they forget about you for a long time and don’t respond to your desperate messages, don’t ask for their attention. They didn’t give it by themselves in the first place, what makes you think they would give it when you’d asked for it? You’d only be humiliating yourself! Not to mention that it wouldn’t have the same effect it was supposed to have, it will feel less no matter how much it was given. It will be meaningless!

One last word, when words contradict the actions. Believe the actions, they speak louder than words.”


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  1. Derinda says:

    Wow, well stated and very true! I have been with people in my life who truly made me feel like nothing more than a possession. Where I felt like I had to barter for their time and it was not a good feeling at all. This is a great article.

    1. AyaRadwan says:

      Thank you Derinda, I think we just have to learn with time you know! We know our worth and that we deserve to be treated well but sometimes we forget about that! One of my hardest experiences was a couple of years ago and it really showed me how much I’ve devalued myself! 🙂
      I hope you never have to go through such an experience again 🙂

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