This One is On You!

“It is said around that your life is your choice, the decisions you make and their consequences will only be borne by you. So, you have to choose wisely!

But has it ever occurred to you that the same people who preach this “independence” hypothesis are the same people who keep wagging their noses into your business trying to push you to take this decision rather than that one? They might not say it outright in your face, they would recite stories about old events, “casually” pinpoint a situation that resembles yours or they might even directly ask you what you thought they should do about an incident identical to that you went through!

To fully understand the meaning of how only you will bear the consequences of your decisions, you have to know that you owe no one an explanation of what you’re doing. Absolutely no one! Some will say you might owe your parents or those closest to you, or if there are other people being affected by the consequences with you. If your decision affects only you, which is the case most of the time, then no one has the right to come up to you and demand an explanation.

Everything that’s happening with you now is the result of the previous decisions you’ve taken yourself, or decisions you let others take on your behalf. If you don’t like where you stand in life now and wonder how you got there, may be the answer is you weren’t taking full control of your life. May be you were living the illusion that you were doing what’s best for you, when in fact you were merely applying what others thought you should do without a second thought.

In general, your process of decision making is always affected by something or someone. It’s rare to free yourself from everything and everyone, only then will you make decisions purely of your own will. You have to detach, look at everything from an outside angle and decide what works for you and what doesn’t. What you feel convinced with and what you feel doesn’t suit you.

I think you are very lucky if you can detach like that, to skip the grip of anything and everything that might hinder your way of thinking.

It’s safe to say as well that people who make decisions purely by their free will are oftentimes persecuted by those around them. Some might even regard them as astray persons who lack guidance and sufficient respect for the experiences of those around them.

If you can confidently say that even when you seek to gather as many information as you can on a certain matter before making an important decision, that you will work out a version of things that suit only you. Then you have successfully reached your destination.”


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