Biased Imagination

“You can have all the number of close friends you want, tens or even just one. You can always express to them how much they mean to you, how you appreciate having them in your life, and work hard to tell them everything about you, everything that’s going on inside of you or engage them in the events of your life. You can show it off to others wherever or whenever you could, out in life or on social media sites.

They can be by your side for your entire life span, they can support you on every occasion they get. They can fully understand your character and try to deal with any demerits you might have, they can even understand you well enough to predict how you will think or react in a certain situation. They can even feel you from miles away, if you were feeling down or if something happened to you.

But no matter how much you tell others, even those closest to you, and no matter how much they think they know about you. There will always be something that you don’t say. If you’re discussing something with them for example, even if you both agree on a certain point of view, you can feel there’s something left unsaid. It doesn’t matter how much we can talk with others, even if we can convince them of our point of view, we always look for someone who will understand every bit of a thought running through our mind and agree with it. Completely, without the need for convincing or explanation.

It doesn’t mean you are not appreciative of those around you, it merely means that sometimes you can get tired from explaining everything, sometimes you feel you can’t find the words to voice your thoughts.

So what you do is come up with someone in your head. You don’t need a vivid imagination to do that, it can be one of your favorite characters from anywhere or it can simply be another version of yourself – a more refined version if you might say. Over time you build another piece into the “character” you created and you subconsciously think about what it will think about what’s going on in your life. You can bring it anywhere you like, you have full conversations with it even when you are with “actual” people. You might as well relinquish what your close friends think just because you already have “someone” who will understand and agree with you. You start substituting the real people in your life with imaginary ones. Sometimes when you are alone, you don’t pretend to be talking to yourself anymore, you simply talk with your “shadow character”.

This “character” doesn’t only know everything that’s going on inside of you, even the tiniest of bits that can slip through your mind when talking to those close to you. But also agrees with everything that you do, it understands your contradictions and has no problem with them, it can actually “live” with them. Some people have different “characters” imagined, some only have one but it changes from appearance to appearance.

Some say that by time, those “characters” can materialize. Some say that demons can take over a “character” from someone’s imagination and start affecting their thinking by directing it towards bad thoughts or negative perception of others and of life.

Others say, it is angels that can take over a “character” from your imagination, that they aim at enlightening your image of yourself and that others might not be as bad as you make them to be simply because they disagree with you on certain matters.

I think, either ways, everyone of us will continue to have their own “characters” despite all the talk about angels and demons. For some of us, those “characters” have become an integral part of our lives that getting rid of them will probably mean giving away a piece of our own flesh.”


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