Believe All You Want

“People talk about hope as if it were like air, you can easily breathe it in and out naturally and supposedly with no problems. Life refuses to be that simple though, so it throws you off the road every now and then, plants bushes, installs speed pumps right before the twisty corners it has prepared for you. So, no it’s not easy to have hope. Not just like that, like the snap of a finger will make it flourish inside of you and bloom away.
The hardest situation in which to have hope, is having hope in people who’ve been nothing but a disappointment to you. No matter how much you try and be positive and believe that people can change, you might be struck by the fact that people change when they allow themselves to change. So, your belief can be solid and proven to work but the fact that those around you don’t want to change will only bring you pain and heartache.
It is hope though that keeps us going through life, we might be numb against everything but yet we are still standing and looking for tomorrow. Sometimes we don’t realize it, even deny having it, but as long as we’re still standing in the face of what’s yet to come, then somewhere inside our mind, body or soul there’s an atom of hope that flies around. And it’s that single atom that will oil our gears to circulate around with life, trying to make things work!”


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