A Willingly Abandoned Heart

“She admitted to leaving her heart somewhere she wasn’t sure of. What she knew was that it was somewhere she’d felt pure happiness and joy, a place she hadn’t endured any sadness or heartbreak in and that’s where she preferred it to be even if she felt hallow inside. At times she felt a hook darting inside of her trying helplessly to find anything to cling on. Since she stripped her heart from its soul, it merely had no role in her life anymore than to pump blood and sustain her blood flow. So the hook only scratches against her fake heart, leaving nothing but ugly blue and black scars.

She thought she would be stronger in the face of life, almost invincible as she set aside her soft spot that is her heart. But with her heart’s ability to heal gone with its soul, her heartbreak seemed more unendurable. What she falsely believed would help her avoid more damage to her ever softening little heart, proved to have a stinging other side. Without her heart’s soul, the closest she got to any sort of feelings were those of painful void and growing pain.

Being torn between two bitter choices, how she wanted to keep her heart safe from the clutches of pain and anguish until the time is right, and how she wished it was there to give life to her senses so she could feel anything. Between those two, it’s only the will power of her heart, lurking somewhere else that will prove which one is best for her, whether it would come back on its own or would wait to be summoned!”



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