Stop Stripping Away Our Dignity

Stop Stripping Away Our Dignity

My first time of being published was when I wrote a poem for my high school magazine, it happened only once because the following year I graduated. As a writer who is still trying to make it and understand as possible the perks of advertisement on social media websites, I started out by creating my Facebook page, set up a Twitter account and a blog. My blog has and always will be my most comfortable outlet, because I can write about whatever I wanted, even it if was mere ranting.

So, getting such an opportunity to have one of my pieces published, specially one that describes what I still face everyday, along with many of single female public sector employees in my country, was dear to my heart. The fact it was my first official publication and about such a topic, holds great significance to me.

And with deep gratitude to everyone who encouraged me, especially everyone out there whom I don’t know in person, to the amazing editor Susan Vernicek of Identity Magazine, who gave me this opportunity to share a piece of my life with the readers of this great and empowering women’s magazine. To everyone who once read any line of mine and thought I had a chance to make it out there.

THANK YOU and I hope you enjoy my story, the link to it is in the title of this post 🙂


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