Let’s Work, Let’s Rant!


“Here’s the thing, most Public Sector employees waste hours and hours on discussing issues that do not by any means relate to work. Practically from the minute they enter the office in the morning – after arriving late – all they do is talk about the previous day’s tragedies and whatever “nonsense” that was said on whatever television channels they watched. Before you know it, everyone is the world’s top political analyst with theories – that could save the country – yet they are wasted because there’s no one in the world to discover them! Politics for the public sector employees actually come first before work itself, if you’re having a bad day then you’ll probably wait for hours before you – as a citizen – be able to get your papers finished if there’s a heated discussion going on. You will have to sit it through, or if you desire go run whatever errands you have and come back!

There’s also the matter that the majority of what those employees say is a mere repetition of what they watch or listen to. There’s rarely an idea that’s the result of contemplation regarding the country’s deteriorating political scene. It’s absurd to sit every day and listen to the majority of them gloating over the huge numbers of people being arrested on a daily basis, how students who demand their right to safe education be respected are shunned for disturbing the public order in universities. There’s a huge difference between riots and peaceful demonstrations. It’s no wonder really, if the media doesn’t differentiate between these two, why would the public?

In the Private Sector on the other hand, or most of it at least, employees sign a pledge indexed in their contracts that states they can speak not of policy during working hours. It’s true, many of them don’t adhere by such rules, which doesn’t make it right either, but at least if they got caught there would be some sort of retaliation.

And that’s exactly what should be done with public sector workers, even though it can easily be said they won’t adhere by it either but at least there’s a measurement against such violation if it takes place. There has to be a deterrent measurement to limit the amount of time public sector workers waste on politics, time that should be used to do the job they were assigned for, time they get paid for, time when wasted cannot be retrieved by any means possible!”


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