My Soul In Solitude!

“It’s that time of the year again, the time we used to retreat back home from school for a month or so to prepare and study for our final exams. It’s the time that signifies departure more than the last day of exams. It’s the beginning of the end maybe because it’s time to detach, specially mentally from everyone and everything that happened during the year to focus on the tests. It was when you’d see everyone for much less time than you used to during class, at the end you always parted ways.

Just the last year, it was my first year off between college and work and that feeling of departure still ran through my heart with new tests and experiences. And now, during my first year at work that feeling just keeps plunging itself between the folds of my soul. I’m facing new battles, psychological they are more than physical, which for me, are more tormenting. I’m staying at work, but that’s only physical. I often find my mind and soul lurking around with nostalgia. I’m surrounded with some of the noisiest colleagues one could ever imagine. Yet, my soul is solemnly in peace with that world that existed back then during school.

While the fussiness of my colleagues has managed to increase to disturbing levels as the weather got hotter and temperatures higher, my solitude deepens engulfing even my eyes surrounding them with this invisible veil shielding my existence from the crowdedness of the outside world.

I guess this year, just like that last one has and will pass. My tests have differed but my feelings are still the same. The continuity of anything is impossible, though it’s the hope it does for any shred of time that keeps us going through life!

So, I hope my solitude continues with me till the end of the road but without that awful feeling of detachment ripping through my life!”


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  1. Mark Donnelly says:


    1. AyaRadwan says:

      Thank you Mark, it’s always good to know what you think 🙂

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