“I Have A Feeling..”

“The wait was over, it was done

No more guilt, no pain no consideration!

For moons, I’ve carried the weight of others

My shoulders swelling before turning to mush

I had my life, my own road to walk

And no matter, clear it was I walk alone

No wonder, I’ll only have myself to blame

If I was rejected, shunned or went insane

They’re all selfish, why would they care?

I’m just the burden carrier, the tear sweeper

A person before sleeping only thinks of others

What more am I waiting for?

Everyone leaves, by choice or forced

Alone I will be left either ways

It’s time I finally looked in the mirror

Time to see myself, get to know her

The features, wrinkles and creases

The heart folds and the brain twists

My past, my decisions and the road I’ve walked

The mornings, the new beginnings and nights

Where I’m now and what I’m doing

The place I’m heading and why

It’s time I stood-up for myself

I have a feeling she deserves it!”



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