That’s how stubborn I am!

“I’m a stubborn person, never been ashamed of it and never tried to hide it. It prevails itself in my attitudes or my thinking, but I’m not stubborn just for kicks like they say. I’m stubborn because I refuse to be taken for granted, to be excluded out of the process of taking important decisions that will affect me, to be considered weak just because I choose to respect the elderly who happen to be talking nonsense to me, to be accounted as living a ‘theoretical’ life just because of my young age, or being held inexperienced because I take my time before taking important decisions or the quite opposite taking an important one in a short amount of time. I’m stubborn enough facing myself telling it to admit to taking the wrong turn, to not be ashamed of not getting it right and that I’d have to try again. I’m stubborn enough not to let myself fall into the trap of self-conceit, to own up to my mistakes just like I celebrate the good steps.

It’s the reason I stay up at night reading, writing, getting inspiration from my favorite shows, praying for a sick beloved or just drifting away with wild imagination even when I know I’ll regret it the following morning. It’s what motivates me to try and look forward to a better tomorrow for everyone when I all I want to do is fall back and dispense into thin air.

My stubbornness isn’t a way of saying ‘To hell with all of you, I’m doing my thing’ although I always do what I want whether people like it or not, for me it’s a means of self-reform. It’s the nagging feeling at the back of my head guiding me to make my own way. To unveil the road of my life as I go further, my stubbornness is me marking the journey one day I’ll call mine. I am not who I am without my rock-hard, annoying, self-consuming and insensitive stubborn head!”



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