Don’t Blame Yourself!

“In general, when we look back at some of the decisions we’ve made in the past, we mostly observe them by regret. ‘I wish I never did that’, ‘I wish I picked up the phone and called’, ‘I wish I never expressed how I felt’ and it goes on and on.
If at any moment of time in your past, you felt that speaking out was the right thing to do. If your past mistakes at the point of making them felt right, then it was the right thing to do at THAT time.
No body said that today’s mistakes are tomorrow’s mistakes! Each one that you made, was a lesson that should wake you up and help you become better in the future. Some mistakes have been made when you were younger because there was a moral waiting to guide you when you’re older or because it was the suitable time to make them!
We kid ourselves by thinking if we could go back, when in fact if we did we would’ve made more horrible mistakes.
So, any mistake that hasn’t pushed you towards a better YOU is one that should be forgotten. And those that helped you, let the forgiveness erase the regret!
Just, don’t blame yourself, you’re wasting your life!”


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