I’m Not A Believer!

” As each day goes by, I find more and more people telling me that they believe no one is worth it; in the sense of friendship or love. They believe that everyone is only worried about their own interests and how to achieve them, even if at the expense of others. They believe that no matter how much good you can possibly do for someone, they will renounce you and abandon you when they’ve got what they wanted from you. Not to mention that if you keep doing good for others and helping them, if you ever feel stupid and used then you probably deserve it. In addition, they particularly believe that as you get older, you start to lose the friends you once had one by one. You both slip away with life and drift from each other and the relationship you once had.

It’s true I have to admit, I sometimes felt stupid for just being spontaneous. Like never visiting a friend with empty hands, always have something even if small. Not to think twice about extending my hand with help if I ever felt someone needed it specially if they’re too shy to ask for it. Trapping a grumpy friend to pick something as if they were picking it for me and surprise them that it’s for them. I love it, I love being the reason for others’ happiness small or big. It’s in my nature and at times I can’t help it.

Still, regardless of the bad feelings of hurt and sadness I might get struck with at times, I find myself continuing to be that person. Yes, sometimes the people I love care only about their interests and I could see it clear as the sun but that doesn’t mean severing all ties with them. It might only mean diminishing expectations of them returning the favor. It means that they are human like me who need help every now and then. It makes me think as well, haven’t I ever thought about my own interests only for a change?

I don’t think people always choose to walk away, sometimes they just get busy but it doesn’t mean they don’t think about others. I used to be the person who always asked about everyone, literally! As time went on though, I got busier so it was all about “doing what I could” and asking when I could which was still much more than anyone has done for me. But unlike many I don’t blame people who don’t ask, because may be I don’t as well,  for whatever reasons.

We’re all human, we are prone to many things if not everything, we forget and make mistakes, yet we can also forgive. Forgiveness isn’t about others, it is a gift we give ourselves!

So, No! I don’t believe that no body is worth any good, that you should treat people in a certain way because you think they deserve it, that you should ignore the good you wish to do since on one is going to pay it back to you. With few exceptions, I treat people, all of them, the same way I’d like to be treated. If any hurt results from that, then it only means I ought to try something different next time.”


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