Do you follow your heart?

“It’s sad to say that not many people follow their hearts these days, you don’t have to diminish your brains. Some acts when coming out so spontaneously it feels as they were coming from the heart. That will certainly leave an impression on everyone who witnessed it =) Though, at times when making an important decision, some over-think everything and they don’t see that perhaps, just perhaps, if the heart could get a say in the matter then things might actually work out. There’s the matter when people would say what they did was stupid because they listened to their hearts. Something I’m sure all of us have been through at one time or another, yet don’t you see? If it weren’t for that “stupid” talk of your heart, you wouldn’t have learned a great lesson which only you will know the value of!

The heart isn’t there for the matters of loving only, it’s there to help you in your general life as well. I know so because if it weren’t for my own heart, I wouldn’t be writing anything at all!”



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