For every action, there’s a reaction!

Those good old scientists who kept formulating laws that mainly were about explaining how mechanics work, probably had no idea that their laws can be used to shed light on human behavior as well! But understanding the human behavior and getting inside the depths of it is indeed a science, and from this statement I would like to explain my own behavior!

I noticed that I’m the type of person who loves to listen to people, not just to understand what they’re saying but to be able to analyze their facial expressions and possibly see the moral behind their experiences. So that aside, I can be silent in many occasions just to let the other person get bored and hopefully stop talking and that only happens when someone keeps trying to poke their nose into my business.

Sometimes silence is the best answer and since “Every action has a reaction” I will keep being silent to shut anyone who’s trying to act “all-knowing” as if the world’s knowledge has been bestowed upon them only and they felt a need to share it around. There’s also the matter of what exactly I call “my business”, but I believe that is set clear by my reaction to any topic opened!

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, don’t reply to what they’re saying. It’s not “ignoring” them, it’s rather “teaching” them something. Time by time, they will get a headache from listening to their own voices and perhaps will look for someone else to bother. Retorting is very tempting but if you do that, you will have opened a gate that cannot be closed except with bitterness. May be every now and then you should speak your mind, but choose the time and words right to get your message through!

So remember, make silence your reaction. At least, they’ll be dying to know what you have to say and why ruin the suspense?


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