No Straight Way! “2”

So, The Planner is scouring the society around them with hopes to find any opportunity to represent the first step in their plan. While The Confused is looking for specific opportunities that can go hand in hand with their capabilities so to say. The first seems very eager to get started and the fact they are open to all opportunities doesn’t put a lot of pressure on them regarding taking that first small step, but taking the wrong opportunity can serve as a massive distraction from what they eventually have in mind. If, for any reasons, things didn’t work out they will think they got back to square one again, perhaps a little more experienced and perhaps not!

In the meantime, until a suitable opportunity presents itself, both characters are trying to develop themselves or enjoy their “free” time before getting all tied up with work or even post-graduate studies. The Planner quickly decides to get a higher degree while The Confused is still trying to breathe after the gruesome college years. By the time the higher degree was earned by the former, the latter came across a wonderful opportunity by accident but one that will save them the trouble of getting disappointed all the time by failed trials!

The Planner had decided to put all trials at a pause until the higher degree is earned, so as not to have any distractions. And then all that seems to be happening is that opportunities are running very low and they can’t even find one which they might be eligible to apply for. Work for The Confused, on the other hand, is hard and demanding and it seems that it’ll take a lot of time to reach the satisfaction stage where they feel good about their job.



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