A change of heart, a change of plan!

It was all very emotional for her, right from the start and until the very last second. Although at times she might seem like a solid rock, there’s all gooey and flowery deep inside!

“She knew that forgiveness cannot go hand in hand with thinking that others won’t change because change is about them while forgiving is about her. It was just then she realized that where there once were bitterness and hurt, there is now peace and gratitude. It was only then, as she gave her affirmative answer of forgiveness loud and clear that she knew both souls are finally free!

And though dreams woke up inside her and floated in the air, the warmth they sent through her was intoxicating! She missed the feelings, the laughter, the sarcasm and even the arguments. The fact that it wasn’t meant to be with a certain someone didn’t even bring clouds to her sky! She shyly thought she’s done her part, been there and held the hand when needed so it was time she headed her way again. The echo of such words was enough for her to shut the door again on her dreams. One day those hopes will slip through the keyhole and the cracks and may be then her dream of something huge happening that turns around the events so her dreams would come true, perhaps then something like that would happen.

But for now, she’s just living!”

She’d planned on writing all of this down, grab a box of tissues and keep drying off those tears that turned her eyes sore. But then it hit her, if she’s done her part wholeheartedly, then she deserves to be happy! She didn’t forgive so she could sit around and weep her miserable life, and wait a minute! Forgiveness comes only from strong people, to hell with those who think that wickedness will get them everything they want because it didn’t matter if you had the world at your feet, if you didn’t have peace of mind you’ve got nada! She kept asking herself: “I have no grudges, a couple of regrets may be that I’ll learn not to repeat, got loving family and friends and above all, I have a kind heart. I did all of those things out of kindness and love, because I chose to, although I could’ve turned their life a living hell! So, at least I’m an example that Good beats Evil. Seems corny but who dares and judge me?

So, what on earth am I doing to myself? And for what? From now on, I’ll keep going with MY plan, MY life because Happiness is a choice and I Choose Happy!”


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