When was the last time you changed?

We all change, everyday whether we realize it or not! Change doesn’t just happen out of nowhere and by accident, it is the result of accumulated feelings and reactions that keep piling up until they one day reach the surface! Even if the reason of change is a result of a sudden dramatic changing event in life, it also takes time to appear to the world!

Here’s the thing, right now you are changing involuntarily! Because if each day all you do is drop like a dead person on your bed without a few moments of contemplation before closing those eyes, then you’re gradually losing yourself. Of course there are times when one is so tired they can barely move! But in general, we all get a couple of minutes before closing our eyes hoping for deep slumber.

And the matter is this, if you ignore this then one day you will wake up and find that your words and actions are being performed by an alien whom you don’t recognize.

You don’t have to address the matter directly, like sitting down and having a lengthy chat with yourself over a cup of coffee. I mean, you can do that for sure but the easy way is just before going to sleep everyday, go over through the events that happened. If you find your other self sad, console it, if it’s happy smile along with it and if it’s hurt give yourself a small pat on the shoulder, literally, and let it know that happiness will come around eventually. Bottom-line, be there for yourself. Since people see change before you do, they will see it in your words, actions and reactions, then you ought to be there for yourself and recognize that change before reality smacks you one and introduces a new person to you!

So pretty please, keep in mind that you are changing just like the seasons do every year and since when is a season the same as it’s previous counterpart?


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