No Straight Way! “1”

I remember reading someone saying that life is unique because it is sophisticated! It can take a little while to get around what they possibly meant back then!

For example, graduation from college either with or without a future plan. If you have two people, one of them graduated knowing what they wanted to do in life and even has plans for the following years, the other doesn’t have any plans at all and just waiting for life to happen in order to budge!

They both will get tumbled around by life, of course, whether for the first to achieve their plan or for the second to start making plans for a change. The “planner” might we say, believes that every small step or gesture coming their way might be their first step to reaching their higher goal, so they become very aware of everything around them so as to not to miss that starting point and that can at times lead them to accepting hard matters or tight situations just to get closer to what they dreamed of. The “confused” if we might say, feels disappointed somehow that they don’t have any future plans and even when they give something a try every now and then, if it fails they go back and crumble inside their world and keep waiting for the right chance to come along!

Both are extreme examples, you can find various shades of people with characters in between in addition to those two as well. Sometimes helplessness just hits everyone, you know when you can’t find something that’s not necessarily good enough, but just good, you feel like that if you don’t accept this “thing” then you’re missing on a chance while waiting for another that might not come around eventually! You try and put all arguments in front of you, what if this is just the start and then later I’ll find what I’m looking for? What if there’s something that I have to learn before reaching my goal?

But when will the wait end is the golden question that, I believe, all humanity is asking with no answer!


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