Personal VS. Public!

It’s becoming harder each day to separate between what’s going on in your own life and what’s happening out there in the society. When your country has its people fighting against each other in a struggle that seems to have no end, one that it’s been through before though!

I once read a book called The Secret, it tries to show you how you are connected to the universe via energy and how each of us affects what life brings along by our own thinking. How that if you want that certain job you have to have the positive and affirmative feelings that you already have it, place your order from the universe’s brochure and let the demand be delivered to you at its right time. If you don’t want misery in your life then you probably shouldn’t watch the news so much, that you have to know the basics but you don’t necessarily need to know every single detail of everything!

So, if in your life you’re trying to have those positive feelings each day you wake up so that you can achieve your goals, what should you do with your public life? The one where everyone seems to be talking about everyone and everything with a complaining tone, how can such a negative reality not affect your mentality or aspirations? And won’t they call you selfish that you’re thinking of yourself when the country is suffering?

I suppose that what everybody should do is to avoid getting into the political debate with others and keep spreading the good thoughts that everything will be sorted out and it will be alright. We’ve gained nothing from being pessimistic about our country, same on the personal level of matters, so why not try good thoughts for once? May be it will work! If you can get one person to start seeing matters through a different perspective, I think we are in for a successful ride!


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