Grown-up grown-ups!

You’ll never be able to understand all people around you, even some of those who are supposedly close to you whether by blood or by bonding over life or like I call it “Life-bonding”.
As the clock ticks to signal the beginning and ending of each new day of our lives, days pass and we run short on the days we have left to live because we don’t know how many more left we’ll get to have. So as that clock ticks every day, our thinking, our prespective, our ideology and behavior is ‘supposed’ to be advancing as well. The general rule is that we’ll advance to the better but I find that this rule has been cast away as outdated and unfit for application anymore!
It’s true that if we want to change with time that we have to make the decision first and take the following steps as well. Though some people can be very deeply engrossed in life that they don’t notice the need for change, by each passing day their oblivion to the evolving of those around them increases until they are left out in their own world thinking that everything around them is wrong and they are the only right people!
Being harsh on those poeple we should not, but it certainly isn’t an excuse to let them get away with everything they do. No matter how many years you have of age, bending your ego every once in a while to teach the ones around you a lesson whether in forgiveness, apologizing when you’ve realized that even though you have a right to complain that you’ve taken things way too far and for that you’re expressing your sorrow, a lesson in rising above tricky situations when there’s no wrong nor right and there’s only judgment!

Since almost all general rules have exceptions, I suppose that the general rule now is that we age reversely, much like The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button if you might say!


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