Live Memories.

There are people who’ve become memories in my life, while still being in it. People I still see, talk and hang out with but it’s like my time with them is never in the present, always locked in the past tense! It’s not that I don’t like them anymore but rather that I’m hanging onto a certain memory which I lived with them. A beautiful memory that filled my heart with happiness and my soul smiled along. A memory that creeps up my mind every time I’m upset of something they did, so as to remind me that the present isn’t yesterday. I can still cling to the past if it gives me a push towards a better me!

It’s not strange, I think everyone can relate to such a situation, I guess?


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  1. Salwa Asker says:

    I do relate to that. People may change, and life may change as well, but we’ll always have our memories of our happy times with the people that we love.

    1. AyaRadwan says:

      True, but because people and life change the memories change as well. It’s almost a feeling of gratitude to those people whom you can’t seem to feel the same about anymore, gratitude for the time you once shared 🙂

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