Ask the butterflies!

I’m sitting here thinking: “What have I done?”, I know millions of people start blogging every day yet clearly the butterflies nervously bumping into each other in my stomach beg to differ! I’m basically thinking about what I could blog about, and perhaps to help settle things down with my nerves I thought I should just use my tag-line!

“For every season finale, a new chapter begins!” This particular line indicates my Master studies’ period and leaving college for good. Being lucky enough to obtain my Master’s Degree in Law last summer, it wasn’t – by any measures – a walk in the park. Extending over two years of studies in different aspects of Law, preceded by four years obtaining a bachelor degree, 2012 witnessed the end of my journey in that thought-limiting institution!

And off to the world I go, or rather the comfort of my kingdom – as I like to call my imaginary world- Being fresh out of college, it certainly tests your patience! They used to tell us that the world was full of opportunities and that we only had to find one of them. What I learned, however, is that you have to create your own opportunities because anything out there is either microscopic chances that you can take or ones that have worn out by the excess and uncivilized use of others before you!

After scouring the internet for writing jobs, I came across The Writers’ Bureau that offered different writing courses that would assist any writer, professional or amateur to discover the publishing world and give them a push into getting published. With one year served from my four year writing course and having a Facebook page to keep alive, I’m currently being challenged by life’s everyday events to come up with new ideas to toss around and express in writing!

So now you see, the curtains have dropped ending my college season last year, and I’m still tumbling around trying to get the new chapter started!



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  1. Loved the metaphor that you used right at the very end. 🙂

    1. AyaRadwan says:

      Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it 🙂 Your opinion means so much to me x

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